L'Oreal INOA: Hair coloration with no stink and no pain

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I've never had my hair colored, ever. Whenever I go to salons to get a cut, I always smell the distinctive stink of hair dye. It's the kind of odor that goes straight inside your nasal passage and stays there, painfully. That's a huge deterrent for me! My hair is really thin plus I suffer from hair fall so I've been staying away from any sort of chemical treatment for years now.

And then came L'Oreal INOA. A play on the words "Innovation No Ammonia", L'Oreal's revolutionary hair coloration system promises optimal scalp comfort and the absence of smell. It's because there is zero ammonia in the formula. At the heart of INOA is the ODS (Oil Delivery System) which is supposed to optimize the hair penetration of the coloring active ingredients.

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Robbie discussing the system

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Demoing. The system has three major components just manually mixed with each other.

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As promised, there is absolutely no smell! The consistency and appearance is just like everyday hair conditioner.

A short fashion show showcasing INOA colors followed. I'm loving the colors! The host, Bianca Valerio, and all the L'Oreal representatives wore INOA that night. I saw Robbie and Y2 just last month at the Pureology launch, so just imagine my surprise when I saw them looking totally different! I wish I took a photo. I thought Robbie lost weight but he just told me, "It's the hair!"

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The models with their respective hair stylists

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The INOA system

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I got a voucher inviting me to try INOA once it's available in salons this July. What do you think? Should I go for it and de-virginize my uncolored hair?