Etude House Foundation Brush

It's the weekend! How's it going for you? Me, I don't really have weekends since I mostly work from home. Right now I'm preparing to go to my mom's house, but before I leave, I want to share a product that I've had for a few weeks now: the Etude House foundation brush.

I find myself struggling to say something about this brush. Why? Because all I can think of saying is "meh". It's so-so. I can live with it, I can live without it.

IMG_0318 by project_vanity.

IMG_0319 by project_vanity.

What I like 

  • No shedding
  • Easy to clean with only baby shampoo
  • It looks neat, compact, professional
  • Relatively affordable for only sub-500 pesos

What I don't like

  • The brush head looks thick, but truth of the matter is, it's not that dense. That's why the foundation would take more effort to spread. The brush feels a bit flimsy to me.
  • Too small to be actually useful as a foundation brush. It takes time to spread the foundation around because you have to keep going around your face. Your fingers will be quicker in getting the job done!
  • Scratchy. There is this single hair that keeps on scratching my face. I can't find it though so I can't snip it off!

IMG_0323 by project_vanity.

Looks nice n' dense...

IMG_0322 by project_vanity.

...but it's really not.


Keep your money and don't buy this if you're looking for a good foundation brush. However if you're in need of a brush to apply concealer under your eyes, this would be perfect - it has the right size and hair density for spreading concealer without tugging the sensitive skin around your peepers. This brush would also be great for applying cream blush. So yes, it's not totally useless!

IMG_0324 by project_vanity.