Revlon Luxurious Color: Satin and Perle

I was drawn to loud n' proud eyeshadow colors when I first started playing with makeup. I'd go out in emerald greens and stunning blues all the time! But now, perhaps because of age (lol), I find myself wearing neutral, accentuating eyeshadows more than the shocking ones. That's not to say that I don't love me some heavy black smoky eyes and pops of color once in a while, of course.

Anyway, I was excited to try the new Revlon Luxurious Color eyeshadows because I got, you guessed it, neutral shades!

IMG_9970 by project_vanity.

Revlon Luxurious Color eyeshadow (Satin finish) in Polished Bronze, P475

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Revlon Luxurious Color eyeshadow (Perle finish) in Sunlit Sparkle P475

Last April, Revlon released its newest line of eyeshadows that come in two finishes - Satin, which has a smooth, luminous effect and Perle, which has a sparkling effect.

What I love

  • The Satin finish is made of LOVE. The texture is very smooth and fine - like "suede", just as the press release promised.
  • The Satin finish has very good pigmentation.
  • Nice packaging - looks like something pros would use, plus you get to see the color without having to open the case.
  • Fairly long-lasting without a base. Still, I would recommend one, if only to intensify the eyeshadows more.

What I don't love

  • A bit steep for eyeshadows at P475
  • I'm not too impressed with the Perle finish. Some people might find it a bit glittery with a tacky texture. It also applies sheer. But that can easily be solved by using an eyeshadow base or foiling, so no biggie.
  • Useless sponge applicator. But that's the norm! Just throw it out and use a good eyeshadow brush, just like any self-respecting makeup enthusiast would. Haha.

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Sunlit Sparkle works perfectly as a brow highlighter. I use it to blend the harsh edges of my crease eyeshadow to get a better gradient effect. 

IMG_9974 by project_vanity.

IMG_9973 by project_vanity.

Polished Bronze is a gorgeous lid color. It's good for everyday when you just want to accentuate and prettify your eyes in a rush! 

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I highly recommend the Satin eyeshadows because of the amazing texture and pigmentation. I daresay that they're a good alternative to MAC or Urban Decay eyeshadows, which sell for P950 up. You should check out the other colors available since they are well-picked - read Shen's review, she has the purple and gunmetal colors! Definitely worth a visit to the Revlon counter.