Shoe Sale!

As you know, I work mostly from home. I only go out when there are events, meetings, and errands, which, come to think of it, means that I'm out three days a week anyway. Lol. Well. You get the drift. I'm not always out. So, to make much-needed space on my shoe rack, I'm letting these shoes go. Need to make way for new ones that I hope I'll get to use often. Right now I have two unused pairs, which reminds me, need to wear them out. (I'm in my fashion mode where I buy clothes and shoes more instead of makeup).

Note that these aren't perfect anymore, hence the prices. There are scuffs and damage. Still, they are in good, wearable condition.

RESERVED Worn once - in mint condition. Size 5. Heels approximately 3.5 inches high. P300

RESERVED Pomelo pink pleather is scuffed. Size 5. Heels 2.5 inches. P200

Heels are badly scuffed, although everything else, even the leather and the inside lining, are in mint condition. Size 6. Bought from Celine for P1,500 (though the tag says Matthews, one of the brands CLN carries). P300

RESERVED Boots from Charles and Keith. Size 6. Heels 2 inches. There are a lot of scratches and damage on the leather, particularly the left shoe, which has cracked leather. Accidentally sprayed with an aerosol can (huhu) so there's a white mark that can't be removed. Still, I hope you can find someone to fix it. These are pretty nice boots. P400

Please don't ask me to measure stuff as I'm quite busy these days. My feet are 8 inches long, for reference. These all fit me well. :)  Check out this album for more detailed pics. Email me or leave a comment if you're interested in anything.