Recap: ThePOC Beauty & Fashion Channel last week

Here's a summary of what the channel's been up to!


Going nautical: Wynn Wynn Ong’s jewelry in WWD Another Filipina gets featured on the daily fashion bible!

Style and function: the Asus EEE PC Karim Rashid Edition The shiny, sleek, and pink reincarnation of the Eee PC

Mich Dulce wins Int'l Young Creative Entrepreneur award The quirky designer wows London!

Pinay wins first runner-up at Ford Supermodel of the World 2010 A Filipina supermodel walks the talk

Jay Nicolas Sario: Making history in Project Runway The first Pinoy in the contest ever!

Rajo Laurel’s dress webbed in WWD Insects and cobwebs lands Laurel on the international fashion scene


A fashionable web of intrigue Did Rajo Laurel plagiarize Arcy Gayatin? 

Hemlines throughout history From long to ultra-short, hems have come a long way 

Trends come and go but basics are forever! The basics no decent female wardrobe should be without

Ride the Pinoy Wave with Analog Soul Pinoy design for Pinoy tastes

Graduation dresses for P1,000 or less As they say, graduation only happens...a few times. Look good! 

The History of Lipstick: Part 1 Lipstick throughout the ages

The History of Lipstick: Part 2

Real people, real clothes Alex shoots real fashion on the streets ala The Sartorialist

Makeup Expiry Dates Is your makeup expired?

Top 10 fashion firsts The first bikini, the first Little Black Dress - who wore them first?

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