Ellana Lip Gloss in First Kiss

The first time I tried an Ellana lip gloss was two years ago. It gave my lips a fresh, minty sensation, so different from the heavy waxy feel that I got from my usual glosses.

P125 each at Ellanaminerals.com

Fast-forward two years. I bought an Ellana lip gloss again. I wanted something pigmented so I went for First Kiss, which looks like a plummy shade in the tube. I requested for the tube that has a wand applicator but I was informed that it was out of stock so I had to settle for a click-type pen - probably my least favorite kind of product packaging ever.

I still feel the same. I had to keep on twisting the pen and waiting for a few seconds before a decent amount of lip gloss would come out! Sometimes I'd get it right, sometimes the gloss would come gushing out, wasted. It was incredibly frustrating.

First Kiss itself didn't look like anything remotely close to its color in the cube. It applies clear with pretty golden flecks.

Right now the lip gloss is sitting on my vanity table like a worthless piece of junk. I really don't have patience for click-type pens and colorless lip glosses which were supposed to have color.