Myra e Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

I think Myra is doing a great job on their current selection. Not only are the products very affordable and easily accessible, they actually work as they should! You'll remember that I really liked the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer, the face powder, and even the lip balm. 

Now, I first used the Myra e Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 almost half a year ago. I loved how it looked on me, as well as the non-greasy, very light feel on my face. Sadly I broke out so I had put it away. Just recently, I got around to trying it again, and I noticed that my skin doesn't react anymore. I've been using this pretty regularly since last week. I'm so happy that I finally found an SPF moisturizer that doesn't aggravate my skin!

What I love about the product

  • Feels light and non-greasy on the skin. It has a watery texture that's very comfortable. Great for oily-skinned gals out there!
  • Feels cool upon application. Relaxing.
  • Has SPF15. That number is enough to protect the skin from the sun for three hours.

  • No white cast that I notice.
  • Super cheap at only around P100 for a tube. (Please share the exact price if you know!)
  • No breakouts 

What I don't like about the product

  • Nothing! It's pretty good.


This is for you if you have oily skin and in need of a comfortable SPF moisturizer that doesn't break the bank. Just be wary because it may give you pimples the first few uses. Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to try such an affordable product!


I like it. I've tried quite a lot of moisturizers with SPF in the past year, but they either break me out or feel too greasy on my combination skin. Myra e Sun Protect is the only product of its kind that actually works for me! So I will probably buy this again until I find a better one.