Brandy Boots from Gold Dot

I just saw Kookie Buhain blog about these boots. Want so bad! Major shoe lust here! Whoever is handling Gold Dot is doing a fantastic job. I remember seeing Bestie tote a Gold Dot envelope bag once that also got me drooling.

Gold Dot - BRANDY BOOTS - Photo #2 of 10

I see them with socks, pleated skirts, loose shirts, polos - all in autumn colors. Now I know that the clogs trend has been rehashed to death, but I like this particular combination of laced boots and gold studs over a leather lining. These shoes have a tough look about them, but not so tough as to lose that element of femininity.  

The Brandy Boots are P2,650 from Gold Dot. Rather pricey, but they're made of real leather. They're a lot cheaper than a similar Topshop version at least!

Gold Dot - BRANDY BOOTS - Photo #3 of 10