How to fake perfect skin

Here is a picture of me with zero makeup and photo processing. I have okay skin lately, but as you can see, I have a number of blemishes and roughness in some areas. I also have natural eye bags that I really can't do much about. Like everyone else, I want to put my best face forward, so I started my enthusiasm for beauty products in the quest to fake perfect skin.

There are literally cartloads of stuff that you can use to look as if you have a flawless, glowing face, so the only question really is this: how much are you willing to spend for it?

I rummaged through my beauty collection to find the best way to fake perfect skin in terms of cost. I came up with two sets of products: one that's affordable, while the other one not so much.

Damage: P2,410

Pond's Flawless White Day Cream (P300), Purederm Magic BB Cream (P660), Revlon Beyond Naturals concealer (P750), Ellana Mineral foundation 6g (P420) and finishing powder (P280)

Damage: P12,200

Clinique Moisture Surge (P2500), Smooth-365 Serum (P2600), MAC Studionfinish concealer (P900), NARS Sheer Glow foundation (P2450), Colorescience pressed mineral foundation (P3750)

Before we get to how the products actually look and perform against each other, let's start with how my beauty routine goes. I find that this works best to create that flawless face.

1. Start with a good moisturizer. Make sure that it absorbs on your skin well, leaving a matte yet glowy finish.

2. Using only the barest minimum, apply liquid makeup. This could be tinted moisturizer, BB cream, or liquid foundation. Liquid makeup is the best way to instantly even out your skin while covering the lightest blemishes and discolorations.

3. Apply cream concealer where needed such as blemishes and eye bags. Cream concealer is the most opaque type of concealer.

4. Dust on powder foundation and loose powder (optional) to set the makeup.

This is how I look like with the affordable set of products I featured above. Even though the stuff I used are inexpensive, you can see that they work well. However, the makeup feels thick and heavy, and it will melt/fade in a few hours. It is obvious that I'm wearing heavy makeup.

I used the expensive set of products in this photo. I like using the Clinique Moisture Surge for the nice glow it gives, while the Smooth-365 (as the name suggests) smoothens instantly and acts as a great primer. The makeup is lightweight and long-lasting, with this hyperreal yet natural effect on the face.

And that's it. Of course, you won't have to go through all this hula if you invest in a good skincare routine plus products. I actually don't go through the four steps I mentioned every single day; I only do this when I'm going to an event or meeting where I need to look my best. On a normal day out, I just use tinted moisturizer or BB cream. I don't need perfect skin everyday. ;)

Never forget that makeup only helps us along. Having good skin and self-confidence (even without nice skin) are what really makes us beautiful.