Shop at Beauty Bar online

Exciting news! Beauty Bar, the Philippines' closest thing to Sephora, is now selling online. Brands like Burt's Bees, Smashbox, Styli-Style, Youngblood, Prestige, etc. can now be purchased directly from Beauty Bar's online store. Neat huh? 

I like that the prices are prominently displayed, with clear pictures of the product one can zoom in. I also appreciate the feature on top ten best sellers in front; very useful for those who come just to browse. Lastly, I like that the online store pretty much has everything a walk-in Beauty Bar store has. The selection is pretty comprehensive!

Of course, the shipping is door-to-door, so this saves us busy gals from having to go out of our way to visit Beauty Bar. This is also good news for those who live in the provinces.

Now on to the cons. One, the store only accepts Visa and Master Card credit cards. That just about disqualifies a big chunk of the population that shops online, since the more popular and easily accessible payment methods are bank deposits, Gcash, and even PayPal. 

Two, the shipping is P200 for under 3 kilos, to which you add P50 for every kilo in excess. Shipping is free for purchases P2,500 and above. I find the shipping quite expensive, since I am used to paying only P50-70 per package. Perhaps Beauty Bar can find a cheaper courier service? On the other hand, P2,500 at the store doesn't really buy much, so maybe in the end the expensive shipping rate is not a problem for some.

And that's it! Visit the Beauty Bar online store and maybe you'll find something interesting. ;) As you know, I love the Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner to bits - in fact I just bought a new bottle last weekend. Also check out The Balm Time Balm, one of the best-reviewed concealers out in the market. Not too expensive, too.

Soo, what do you think? Will you be shopping at the Beauty Bar online store anytime soon?