New kicks from Charles & Keith

I love Charles & Keith! The brand's current selections are seriously amazing. They have a lot of neat office wear but it's balanced with edgy pieces closely patterned after the season's hottest shoes. The shoes are on the pricey side, but still quite affordable considering the quality and comfort you get out of every pair.

Anyway, following my last conservative C&K purchase, I got a daring one for a change. I was at High Street yesterday and couldn't resist these P2,700 beauties.

The needle-thin heels may look quite daunting, but the wide platform makes these shoes stable and comfortable. I was so surprised the first time I tried them on. I know that sounds hard to believe, but fact is, these are one of the more comfortable heels I have! I think the arch of the heel is only around 2.5 inches, while the heel itself is around 4 inches.

I can see myself wearing these shoes with everything. Black is always versatile.  

New shoes always gets me high. Now I am fighting a super MAJOR strong urge to go back for the P1,200 C&K knee-length boots I saw! I found them at the Great Lifestyle Sale, the one on top of Dimensione High Street. It's currently in full-swing, so if I were you I will hurry before everyone gets the nice picks.