Barbie Basics: The magical little black dress

My favorite toy was Barbie Like most girls my age then. I never left the mall without getting my mom to buy me a new pair of tiny shoes, clothes, or accessories! I just loved dressing up my toys and imagining their world as one grand catwalk. Oh, nostalgia. I stopped playing with Barbie, but she will always have a special place in my heart - she's one of the reasons I am who I am now. 

Drama aside, I'm impressed that Barbie has moved out of her kitschy, childish style phase into something more glamorous, sexy, and a little bit dangerous. Perhaps she's just mirroring today's woman, a woman who not only knows what she wants, but also how to get it. That's what I believe is at the core of the launch of Barbie Basics, an event held in Glorietta 5.

Members of the Young Designers Guild designed one-of-a-kind little black dresses for the muse of the night. I loved that while the designs are couture, they're still very much wearable. They've proven that the magical little black dress need not look plain!

Veejay Floresca wins this round with a luxe draped and beaded dress

Which local designer do you think dressed Barbie Best? Answer in the comments.;) I'll leave you to ogle a couple of pictures of rare collectible Barbies also displayed during the event.

Thanks to Stylebible for inviting me. Check out their coverage here!