Ellana Mineral Stick Concealer

I wanted to buy the Ellana Mineral Stick Concealer ever since Shen posted about it. Intriguing right? I’ve been trying to find a cheap concealer to use daily since I don’t want to run out of my MAC Studio Finish and Shiseido too soon.

Anyway, I looked for the Ellana stick concealer in their official website, but it’s not yet available. I tried looking for it in the malls but couldn’t find it either (actually I couldn’t find Ellana even though I read that they have counters in SM). I emailed Ellana about it and they said that the concealer can now be bought online even though it’s not yet available in their website. I think they’re still fixing a bug that prevents them from putting up this new item.

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So, if you want this, just email them at ellana.minerals@gmail.com. I just ordered Alive and a bunch of other stuff. I might have a love-hate relationship with Ellana but I always go back to this brand since it’s consistent with product quality.