VNC Shoes Going for Fun, Fashionable, and Affordarble

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’ll notice that I’m into aggressive, statement shoes. I don’t like fussy designs as I prefer clean, defined lines and one solid color dominating the footwear. This is why, when I look for shoes, I hardly give the VNC brand a second glance. I feel that it is too conservative and office-y for my taste.

Fast-forward to well, around now. I just started working last month so I feel the need for more appropriate office shoes. My work place is relaxed and the dress code is smart casual. I can do smart casual, of course, but I often feel overdressed in my severe black 3-inch heels. Hence I need shoes that are a bit more toned down and comfortable than what I’m used to. Besides! I just noticed that most of my shoes are black. I need a new pair with more color!


Just in time, VNC held an event at the Milkyway Cafe in Makati introducing the brand to lifestyle bloggers. Now that I am armed with new perspectives on a working woman’s life, VNC shoes suddenly appeared like a very sensible option to me. Who doesn’t like fun, fashionable, and affordable shoes (and bags, now that we’re at it)?  

New designs for Summer 2009

I know you guys can see the “fun” and the “fashionable” in their designs, but are their shoes really affordable? I’m going to be coy here and say: it depends. I visited their store in Mall of Asia and observed that the prices average from P1,000 to P2,000 for shoes and P1,500 up for bags. I don’t have qualms spending more than a thousand bucks for a pair of really well-designed, quality footwear, but I realize that other women aren’t that interested in shoes, thus, their comfortable price points range from P500 to P800 only. So that’s it—it’s cheap for women who are into quality shoes and can afford them, but it’s expensive for those who would rather spend their money on something else.

 Honestly? I think the shoes are worth the price tags. You won’t see them in tiangges, that’s for sure, since the designs are unique and adapted by VNC straight from the runway (you’ll notice their take on the quilted Chanel bag up there). The shoes are lightweight yet sturdily made. They update their collection every month or so (yay) too. They also provide a nice catalogue which you can get free from their stores. Oh, did I mention that they always have sales? I went to a store last Saturday and saw a promo, buy two pairs and get the third at 50% off. Not bad.

This style is so far my favorite out of them all.

Over all, VNC is a brand that delivers. Office and formal shoes are its forte, so if you’re looking for one, check their stores, catalogues, and their website.