Vintage Finds and Some Monday Irony

The clothes I’ve been buying in the past few months are either black, white, or grey. I need something more colorful and updated in my wardrobe. So, I visited this thrift shop near Ortigas Center (accross Robinson’s Galleria, at the end of the foot bridge traversing EDSA). They have a ton of new arrivals which I feel you’d delight in rummaging in—there are just too many interesting stuff.

 Anyway, here’s a peek into my eclectic haul:

Esprit printed polo (looks like apples, lol), violet and black plaid trench dress, chinese silk blazer with paisley print, brocade and lace skirt

Awesome. Let’s see what I can come up with these in the next weeks to come. My favorite out of everything is the paisley blazer because it reminds me of Sabrina of Professionally Trendy.


PS I went on a major wardrobe haul last weekend. Today, I’m wearing a three-year old grey plaid miniskirt matched with a fading three-year old black button-down jacket. Irony, I say.