The Body Shop Launches the Japanese Cherry Blossom Line

I’m not really a fragrance fan. Me smelling good only involves applying Victoria’s Secret body lotion and body mist and that’s it. However, this new collection by The Body Shop can really change my mind. Aside from the fragrance, they have the body butter, shower gel, and body lotion. To better give you an idea of how it smells like, here’s what they say about it:



Inspired by hanami, the Japanese tradition of appreciating the short-lived but intensely beautiful blooming cherry blossom and their falling petals in the breeze, The Body Shop’s new collection captures the idyllic mood and memories that are both lyrical and moving. The Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance used across the range has top notes of Fuji apple, Chinese magnolia and osmanthus flower, mingling with the middle notes of star jasmine, sakura and persimmon, and base notes of sandalwood, hinoki wood and fruity musk. And like most of Body Shop products, they include Community Trade ingredients which help out farmers and producers in more than 20 countries.

Sounds great yes? Once you spray on the perfume, you won’t get that strong smell that’s painful to the nose. This is typical of most perfumes out there but not this one by The Body Shop. I suggest you try it for yourself to see what I mean. 

On to the event. I went with Rea, my high school best friend’s girlfriend (she’s fun) and I also finally met Shen of Shen’s Addiction. I’ve been religiously following her blog for almost a year now so it was cool to finally meet her. Of course, we talked about makeup. What else? Teehee.

Anyway, what’s an event without pictures?

  The new display. I really love this shade of pink!

Nice packaging yes? Not something you’d hate to whip out your bag.

We tried this one and Rea loved it! If you hate sticky lotions, this is something you should really try. It smells great and absorbs almost immediately. The consistency is similar to water.

 The Body Shop Greenbelt 5 branch, where the event was held.

 Rea getting made up by a MUA using the cream foundation. I’m impressed by the result. Mental note: buy at the next sale, the 40% off sale. It’s around P1100 but costs P750 on sale.

 Rea, me and Shen.

Beautiful people!

    Our pledge to save the earth. This was The Body Shop’s way of contributing to the Earth Week.


Whoo, long post with lots of pictures. Do you guys like this format? I know I enjoy writing it. ‘Till the next event! Thanks to TBS for being so accomodating.