Skinwhite Face Cream Powder

I was looking for a body scrub when I accidentally came across the Skinwhite Face Cream Powder. The fancy packaging caught my eye and when I checked the price (P67) I was sold! I was thinking that if the product doesn’t work, no biggie, it’s just less than a hundred bucks after all. 

I was laughing inside when I read the back of the box. It basically promises you the sun, moon, stars, and a warp drive thrown in!


So how was it? Well, I used it only once and I did break out. Such is the life of a beauty blogger! I got little bumps, but it’s all my fault since I should have been suspicious when there were no ingredients posted in the box or tube. The cream smells strongly of body lotion (Skinwhite has their own body lotion line) and face powder. The consistency is a lot like mousse, which I guess is nice, and does turn into powder once you blend it in. Still, it didn’t dry easily - there was a sticky, slightly heavy feeling even after I blended it on my face. Also, you need to squeeze out a lot of the product to get decent coverage.

I got the Light Beige Shade since it was the only shade available in the shelf. As you can see, it’s close to my skintone but when you blend it out it turns whitish, like plain powder.



If your skin isn’t sensitive I guess you can give this a shot. It’s a pretty interesting tinted moisturizer that can at least even out your skintone and offer sun protection at SPF 10. As for me, I’m not buying it again. It’s a waste of money and cash loans.