Review: The Natural Source Re-Mineralising Lip Conditioner

There’s nothing I love more than a good sale - except going home and finding out that the item you got for dirt cheap is a complete steal. In fact it’s such a steal that I’d feel guilty for not paying a lot more! Have you ever felt that? I have, a lot of times. This is one of those times.

Re-mineralising Lip Conditioner in Chocolate & Honey

As I posted earlier, I got this really nice lip balm at The Natural Source sale in their store at The Fort for only P95. The container is actually made of glass and looks pretty expensive - great for whipping out in public, haha. There’s a lot of product in the pot at 15 grams/ 0.5 oz. As promised, this lip product smells like real chocolate! It’s so convincing that you’ll be surprised it doesn’t taste like one! It has a waxy taste but nothing offensive, as this is normal in most lip balms/ conditioners.

The texture is extremely creamy. It quickly melts at a touch (pinkie swear). It also packs a helluva moisturizing power and doesn’t dry for hours, which is great because I have extremely dry lips. It’s very lightly tinted - as you can see, there’s just a tiny hint of nude brown on my lips. It looks like lip gloss once applied, but doesn’t flake as glosses tend to do. 

I highly recommend this product. I keep on slathering this on my lips because it smells so good and feels so nice - there’s no sticky feel. I’d have the gall to say that it’s better than Chapstick in moisturizing my lips. It’s also good as gloss, too. The effect is natural, flattering nude lips which would look great with a bronzer and gold eyeshadow.