Review: The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Skin Crayon

If there must be one word to describe this product it would have to be this: creamy. In fact, it’s so creamy that I would vehemently warn you against using this as eyeliner. Although I reckon that this wasn’t really meant to be used for lining eyes - perhaps as a cream eyeshadow, base, or skin paint, but not as  eyeliner. 

I forgot to look at the shade again but as you can see in the pictures, it’s a deep forest green color. It’s quite vivid as I only needed to swipe once to get this kind of color payoff. I love the pigmentation but I hate how it never stays on in one place.

It got to my crease, then my lids, then smudged under my eyes. Messy, if you ask me. Imagine green racoon eyes! Although a more appropriate term would be, um, lizard eyes.

This product would have been awesome as eyeliner considering the pigmentation and texture, but since it’s a major fail in that department, its next best use would be as base for powder eyeshadows. It would serve as an awesome boost don’t you think? I think I’ll grab a white/ cream pencil when I drop by The Natural Source at The Fort next time. Heck, it’s only P95!