Review: Mineraux Foundation

i’ve been using this foundation for weeks! The other Mineraux foundation I’ve reviewed is the Mineraux Beach Tan Bronzer. Out of the three products Mineraux sent me, two have made it to my daily routine (the under eye concealer just didn’t work for me). Nonetheless, I believe the brand is something to watch out for.


What’s to love about this foundation: Medium to high coverage (can even be used as concealer for eyebags and light spots), creamy texture, ease of application, fairly long-lasting, “glowy” finish even thought it’s matte, feels like nothing on my face, awesome affordable price (10g at Php 330, 20g at Php 500, 30g at Php 600) for a lot of product in one pot

 Mineraux foundation in Warm Fair

Witness the creaminess. It just glides.

What’s NOT to love: I get oily by the middle of the day, the sifter holes are quite huge so 70% of the product is swilling around on top at any point in time. It’s kind of messy.


Bottomline, this is a really nice product—it delivers while giving you a bang for your buck. I’ve been a loyal fan of Ellana for some time now but it’s just not working for me lately. My Ellana foundation has been fading on me since I started working (longer day, more environmental stress, longer commute) so I was forced to look for an alternative. I’m not claiming that this foundation will last all day; just that I’ve noticed it lasts longer than Ellana. 


Anyway, remember I told you they sent me a wrong shade? Warm Fair was super light on my face. What I did was, I mixed Ellana’s concealer, “Smile” (too dark on me) with the foundation and now I’ve got better and longer coverage. If you’ve tried Ellana’s concealers, you’ll notice that they’re quite thick and concentrated—you’ll be surprised. This combo has been working for me awfully well so this is my go-to every morning.