Pre-Casino Royale Night at Resorts World (New Port, Pasay)

People who have known me for ages will never believe this but: last Thursday night, I won a bottle of Australian wine in a gambling tournament held in a ritzy casino. Say what!

Heh, now that you’ve had a good “huh?” over that, I’d like you to know that it’s one of the most unexpected things that ever happened in my life. One, I don’t gamble. Two, I don’t drink. I just bet my chips heavily and kept on winning, for some reason. It’s the most fun I’ve had for a long time so I don’t regret that I hauled my lazy ass off to Resorts World in New Port to get oriented about an upcoming event.

I forgot to bring my camera so here are Jen’s pictures of the event:

Mister Jayvee and the lovely Jen

Bim, the comics guy, doing unspeakable things to the dessert.

I liked this a lot!

This, not much. It was so spicy it sticked to my throat.

The P25,000/ night room!

I look plump here, but it’s the jacket’s fault. XD Actually the place was sooo cold that I’m glad I wore my Charles and Keith boots and Pieces faux leather jacket. The lace skirt is from Tomato (love it). That’s Bim doing his signature funy face.


Anyway, the actual event is this Friday. It’s a themed party—Casino Royale. What should I wear? Should I go traditional with a Little Black Dress and red lips? We shall see!


PS All pictures are from Jen. She has a more detailed post about the event here. Oh, and she also has a fashion blog—check it out here.