Pond’s Flawless White Anti-Spot Intensive Whitening Serum

This, my dear readers, is made of AWESOME stuff.I’ve been using it for two weeks, every night, and I have noticed a difference in the size and darkness of my blemishes. You see they’re my worst skin problem and I’m glad to find a product that works well in getting rid of them!

I got this at the Pond’s Big Beauty Sale (products 70-20% off). Since the sale price of Anti-spot serum was only P135 from P435 (gasp!)I had to get one along with my favorite Pond’s moisturizer.


Since I started using this wonderful product I noticed that my blemishes have lightened faster than they usually do. Hold on to your horses though - don’t expect miracles for your skin. I think the effectiveness of this product depends on your skin type. For example, my skin blemishes easily but the dark spots usually fades away in a month or so. I don’t get craters from pimples. I know some skin types blemish terribly and the spots almost never go away, so if you have this type, I can’t say for sure if this serum will work for you as well as it did for me.

The serum is clear and rather watery, similar to Cetaphil’s texture. It kind of stays on my skin for a while (like a minute or two) before finally being completely absorbed. The pointed shape of the tube is perfect for targeting specific problem areas without wasting product.

Overall, I give this product a two thumbs up. I love Pond’s so much more because of this serum, haha. I know I got this for a ridiculously cheap price but I’ll buy this again even at full price. It’s just that good.