FOTD: Easy smoky (wearable) eyes

 A lot of women want to wear smoky eyes but are too shy to actually go out and do it. Either they’re not confident enough to wear such striking and intimidating eye makeup or they’re just not that satisfied with their eyeshadow blending skills. Well, be shy no more! Here’s a look you can do in under five minutes with minimal makeup skillz. It’s a clean smoky eye that’s not too dark and overpowering for day, just the right combination of brown, taupe, and dark grey to emphasize your eyes and skintone.

Step 1: With a flat round eyeshadow brush or even just a garden variety sponge applicator, swatch a medium brown color (preferably a color two to four shades darker than your skin tone) from from your lashline blending up to the natural crease of your lids.

Step 2: Apply a silvery taupe color on your lid. Sweep your brush quickly through harsh lines so that the silver will blend with the brown eyeshadow.

Step 3: You need an eyeliner brush for this (if you don’t have one, a pointy sponge applicator will do well). Wet your brush/applicator with a bit of water, mixing medium, or eyeliner sealant. The key words here are “a bit” as you don’t want your eyelining tool to get too soggy because the results won’t be too defined. Load your brush with a dark grey color and line your eyes.

You can use an eyeliner, if you prefer, but apply a bit of the silvery taupe shadow on top of the liner to maintain the gradient effect.

Step 4: Highlight your brow bone with a shimmery/ satin beige color.

Lately, this has been my favorite look after warm neutrals. It’s perfect with anything!