Black, White, Gold (Part 2!)

I seem to be stuck on this particular color combination lately. I don’t know. Here’s what I wore yesterday:


It’s not a particularly “striking” outfit but it’s quite functional since we did a lot of walking around. I treated the family to lunch at MOA yesterday—also tried White Hat yogurt for the very first time! I recommend the Baker’s Special. It has real cheesecake bits as topping! Wow. Did I say I love cheesecake? I absolutely love cheesecake. I can wax poetic about cheesecake all day.

I got the white cover-up/dress thingy from Topshop. I love it! It goes with anything, and I have tons of ideas on how to wear it. It’s perfect for layering or just by itself.

I can’t help taking pictures of this cute bathroom. It’s at the Prestige Lounge in Mall of Asia. If you have an SM Prestige card, take advantage of it and visit the lounges they have inside the department stores. Wifi is super fast (2 mbps), staff is friendly, and you can just relax after hours of shopping. I love MOA.