My Birthday Wish List!

I'm turning 22 next week. I don't feel old though, because I move in a world where everyone is a lot more older than I am. Most people think that I'm in my mid-20's upon first meeting me. They're usually genuinely surprised when I tell them my real age. It must be the way I talk or dress, I don't know, but I tend to appear too mature for my age.

For my birthday, I do want a few tech things, like a new phone, perhaps a nicer camera, and Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360. But mostly I want more makeup! Har har.

NARS Wild at Heart Bold Lip Palette, $75. NARS is expensive for a reason. It's one of the best makeup brands out there and has been consistent in terms of quality all this time. I'm drooling over this palette! I know it's going to be worth every cent I pay, but it's still around P4,000 here in the Philippines. 
Stila All Doll'd Up Plette, around P1300. Nice to have, but I can live without this. I love that the price is more than right!
A customized MAC 15-pan palette, $177. I've never owned a MAC eyeshadow before, which is sad, because MAC eyeshadows are the industry standard. I haven't bought one yet because they cost P850 here in the Philippines (only $14 in the US) and c'mon, there are already so many nice makeup that I can buy with that price. Still, I'd like to have my own MAC 15-pan palette someday. Probably when I'm rolling in money and can afford to blow ~P14,000 on a small rectangular piece of plastic.
Seba Med Liquid Face and Body Wash, around P500 at Svelte Wellness Center.

This stuff is awesome! I only have a tiny bottle so I don't use it as often, but in those times I have, I was impressed. Majorly impressed. The texture and feel is a lot like Cetaphil. I hated Cetaphil, but Seba Med seems to work well on my skin! It's pretty cheap for a huge bottle, but Eastwood is kind of out of the way for me. I wish Svelte ships!

And that's it. I'll probably think up of more, but these are the stuff I really want in my life right now.