Beauty By SM

When it comes to beauty and the dedication that goes into the pursuit of it, no one understands the zest and inspiration it requires more than beauty experts who know what is required behind the scenes of beauty" - Victoria Encarnacion, Beauty By SM Director for Marketing

Wanna know what my top two favorite makeup places in Manila are? The SM Mall of Asia and the SM Makati beauty aisles! I also love their Watson branches. First, the makeup counters and personal care stands are always well-stocked and updated. Second, the aisles are wide and easy to navigate. Lastly, the place looks bright, airy, and clean. Very conducive to makeup shopping since we need good lighting to see how the product looks on our faces.

Thus, it was with great excitement that I attended the official launch of Beauty By SM. Basically, it's the upgraded SM Makati beauty area with new brands, new interior design, and more organized divisions. The place is now snazzy and posh, thanks to the people behind SM. They realized that the modern woman's needs and tastes have evolved so they evolved right along with it.

Loved what they did with the place! It's definitely worth a visit. Now, I'm sure you're curious about the new, exclusive brands that they have onboard. I took pictures of the counters so you can check them out. 

This is the most interesting brand that I saw. It's marketed as makeup for professional artists and, what do you know, the quality actually seems to be up to par. The price is quite nice, too.

Extremely silky! The small eyeshadows were P350 while the big version is P399. If you're sick of neutrals not showing up, this is something you should try.

Blushes at P450. Not bad eh? They're quite big and fairly pigmented.

Colorescience has perhaps been one of the best-reviewed mineral makeup brands out there! I've tested some of their products and I'm seriously blown away by the quality. I was also blown away by the price.

Click click!

The powder concealer palette is a smooth ~P3500 off your wallet. It's pretty amazing though!

Oooh, Twilight makeup! They have the newest collection called Volturi. If you're a fan, the splurge should be worth it. If you're not, pass it over.

Lola Makeup. Very interesting eh? I would like to try this one time. The price range is similar to MAC's while the quality seems to be good, too. Lola is also available in Marionnaud, SM Mall of Asia.

Another offshoot of the Korean makeup craze arrives in the Philippines! Ianti has fairly priced products. The collection is intriguing - I will probably go back to test this brand more closely.

Another brand making it in Beauty by SM is Tri-Aktiline. I've reviewed this and I (and my 51-year old mother) swear that it works! That brand means business.

So yeah, don't forget to pay a visit and check out SM by Beauty's hottest products!