Nichido Girl's Night Out Eye Pencil

Every month or so I check out drugstore beauty brands to do "research". Why? I don't buy a lot of drugstore makeup lately but I still want to know what's hot in the market. Online research is well and good but nothing beats good ol' first-hand experience!

After wandering around for a few minutes, I came across the Nichido stand. I scanned it cursorily. Nothing new. I was about to leave when I caught sight of bright pops of color on the counter. There we purple, blue, navy blue, and forest green eyeliners! Since the colors were so loud, I couldn't help but try them out.

Blue and Deep Plum, P80 each

As soon as I swatched them I was wowed by the creamy consistency and amazing pigmentation. I didn't remember Nichido eyeliners being this good so I asked the sales lady. She said that they were new colors, so I assume that the formula is also new. The older shades aren't as buttery or pigmented as these new ones.

Don't get me wrong, these eyeliners are not quite Urban Decay, MAC, or Makeup Forever. They smudge and aren't rub-proof or waterproof. I wouldn't suggest using them on your waterline since they will disappear in two hours or so. However, for the price, these eyeliners are still pretty good. They stay on my top lid the whole day without smudging (even without a primer like UDPP) and goes on smoothly. 

Gorgeous! The blue is satiny while the purple is matte

If you want to try colorful makeup but don't want anything that looks too loud, the Nichido colored eyeliners are a great buy. They're the best eyeliners I know within the 100 peso price range - even beyond - so believe me, as an eyeliner fiend, I've looked everywhere. This is such a great find!