Concealer Madness Ep.2: Shiseido Stick Concealer

Check out Episode 1 here.

I don't regret a lot of things in my life. If there's one thing that made the shortlist though, it has to be the fact that I didn't HOARD the Shiseido Stick Concealer when it was 80% off. I was in a bazaar last Christmas, doing last-minute shopping when I saw the Shiseido stand. I already spent a lot of money for gifts and some stuff for myself, so I was pretty broke by the time I spotted it. It was selling for P300 but I just got one piece.

That was such a huge mistake. I should've bought at least three! Or five. I figured if it's really good I can just buy it at its original price. A few weeks later, I went to the Shiseido store at The Podium to ask how much it is, intending to buy a back-up since it's so awesome. Guess how much it is! Around P1,900! Sticker shock followed.

Why this is awesome:

  • Pigmented and creamy. You don't need much to get a nice coverage and it's easy to blend.
  • Sticks. It never slides off or cake on me! I wear this for a whole day and it's as good as new at the end of it.
  • Doesn't settle on fine lines, so it's great to use as an undereye concealer.
  • I got the #2 shade (light medium) and while it's pretty light on me, it blends into my skin seamlessly.
  • It feels light and natural on my face, like I'm not wearing a heavy coverage concealer.
  • Love the sleek packaging!

Why I don't like it:

  • The actual concealer is less than half of the tube. The amount is quite tiny since the concealer stick itself is narrower than the tube.
  • For a small amount of product, the retail price is ~P1,900! Look, there are expensive concealers, and then there are really expensive concealers. I don't mind buying expensive concealers, but they better be worth every cent I pay. This isn't. The amount versus the price isn't fair.

This is probably the best concealer I've tried to date. However, the price is quite prohibitive. I won't buy this again because there are a lot of concealers out there that can perform as well as this. Even Cinema Secrets concealers don't cost this much! So yeah, I really wish I hoarded this when it was selling for a crazy price of P300.