All the little people

I need to write this down because if I don't, I feel like I won't be able to sleep.

There's no one to talk to about it. I even googled reviews and a forum, but no one seems to be discussing this POV of mine in particular. 

It all started when I watched an Adventure Time episode called All the Little People early this evening. I love Adventure Time SO HARD. Marco doesn't get it, but it's something I seem to understand freakishly well.

The episode was about Finn finding a bag of little people, all of whom are part of his world. The little people do not sense him, but he is able to manipulate all their actions. Like a god.  You should watch the full episode here.

It's a depraved episode. Messed up. But it made me think very long and hard about what it means! On the surface it's about Finn hitting puberty and experimenting with his fantasies (threesome, spanking, licking, even making out then dumping Jake's pregnant girlfriend). But I think it goes deeper than that.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.53.59 PM.png

Magic Man handed Finn that bag, saying, "This is the last time you'll see me."  Magic Man looks silly and is an asshole, but he is a powerful being from Mars who has demonstrated the ability to alter and create physical objects. Could it be possible that he can also know all and see all in Ooo, or the planet Earth? He was observing Finn and Jake, looking genuinely interested, as if it's something he does all the time.

He may also be able to access or even create other dimensions - clearly shown when he gave Finn his bag of little people.

Finn becomes obsessed with playing with his toys. Once he has messed up his life (in the real world and in his miniature version's world), he tries to set everything right. He stops controlling everyone and communicates to Little Finn - by shaking him, as if he were masturbating (ha) - that he was the one who influenced ALL their recent actions. He also says, "This is the last time you'll see me." He plays some music for the little people, they dance, and everyone lived happily every after.

Finn repeating "This is the last time you'll see me" a couple of times could mean only one thing, for me. Magic Man was playing god in the world of Ooo all this time; like Finn, he was amoral but not malicious in his curiosity. He may simply be genuinely interested in Finn's world. Maybe he wanted to see what would happen if he did certain random things - maybe at that point, giving Finn his magic bag, Magic Man just wanted the boy to experience how it's like for him playing god all the time.

So there. The next relevant question/point is - what if god appears in the sky and says, "It wasn't you, it's me who made you do things!" 

Would everyone breathe a big sigh of relief and collectively say, "Well that makes me feel so much better." Or will everyone go insane knowing that there is an all-powerful being that can manipulate them to its will?

Oh wait. Many people already believe that. But the god they choose to believe in is good, moral, and just. That this all-powerful entity who can bend time and space is always acting in their best interests.

But what if god is amoral and self-interested? 

Or worse, curious?

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