A terrible loss

A part of me died when I lost my iPod Nano a couple of years ago. And then some more died when I accidentally deleted my iPod Touch's music files.

Those two gadgets had the sole copies of music that took me years to accumulate. Actually, it's not the amount of time it took me to gather all those songs that bothers me - it's the time of my life that were represented by those songs that are lost forever. 


As I grow older I am discovering several gaps in my memory. My ability to retain recent memories is also suffering; maybe because I'm busy all the time and my brain is dedicated only to executing tasks in front of me instead of remembering the (currently) non-essential information.

Whatever. The point is when I lost those songs, I lost the memories associated with those songs. It is such a terrible loss. My first love, college life, the excitement for my first job, and my slow descent to being the apathetic person I am today...these are all chronicled by the songs I loved during those times in my young life.

It sucks. A small part of me refuses to believe that my iPod Nano is gone forever. I still think I misplaced it somewhere.

I still think the person I was before - the one who isn't jaded and discouraged and a little lost - is still in there somewhere.

Liz LanuzoComment