Over seas

Just something I wrote. It's been sitting, open, on my word processor. It's a feeling I want to remember so here it is.


July 10, afternoon, Japan Airlines Flight 740

I am 35,000 feet in the air, and it is 12:42 in Japan. The plane is about 500+ miles to Tokyo. I honestly can not believe that I’m here! I’ve always wanted to travel but I assumed that the adventures will start when I’m 30-something. Being in my mid-twenties and paying rent in an upscale city in Manila, I am simply not ready to fund my lust to travel. It would be a different story if I lived with my parents, but independence comes at a cost. I can even put an exact price tag on it.

Turbulence. The plane is shaking a little. I have heard of people who are terrified of being in a steel sausage held up by machinery and air, flying over seas and continents. I am not one of them. I enjoy this! I love looking at the digital flight map.

Forgive my eagerness. It’s actually my first time to fly out of the country.


Liz LanuzoComment