From Liz Lanuzo


This year, I want to make Project Vanity grow. The way to do that is to provide you with even better content!  With the help of a few investors, I decided to hire a team of writers and a camera guy to create fabulous articles for you. I am also in the process of incorporating the company so that I can work more closely with different brands. In other words, as of today, Project Vanity will no longer be a beauty blog written by just one woman; it will be a magazine written and photographed by a team of passionate, intelligent writers who embody what the blog is about. 

What can you expect? I will still be at the helm as Editor-in-Chief and I’ll still be producing the same content I’ve been putting up here for seven (almost eight) years. You’ll just have a lot more of it from other amazing writers, who have PV DNA in their blood, haha. They’re really cool - Katsy, Rae, Stacie, Kim, Kathleen, Mara, Marielle, Doms, andKisty has excellent articles for you this month. Expect how-to videos from a new channel, too, from our camera guy PaulDen, who’s been working with me on my client requirements for years now, will be managing the staff and will keep this ship tight. 

So there you go, welcome to the new Project Vanity! Thank you for always supporting my ventures, from my workshops, events, promotions, and of course reading this blog everyday. It means the world to me. I hope you can stay with me for a while longer, and see what Project Vanity has in store for you this 2016.

Let's work together! I'm at  lizlanuzo [at]

Let's work together! I'm at  lizlanuzo [at]