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Liz Who?


My name is Liz and I blog as a hobby. I like all things bright and beautiful!

Email me at liz [at]

Disclosure: Most of the products I review here are press samples unless stated otherwise. FYI!




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Liz Lanuzo has been blogging for eight years. Between then - as a socially-challenged Political Science student at the University of the Philippines Manila - and now, she has grown a successful beauty and fashion blog called She is also currently handling the PR and social media presence of three retail brands. This puts her in a unique position of being both an active blogger and a brand consultant

‚ÄčIn her free time, she loves to play video games, read books, and play with her dog, Snaps.  

MEG, September 2013. "Make Your Passion Your Profession"

Featured on Mega February 2013 issue

Blog Talk

There are heaps and heaps of beauty blogs littered all over the Internet. What makes Project Vanity special? Let me count the ways.

  • Project Vanity is by a Filipina for the Filipina. We all love our blogger friends in the US, Japan, Korea, Singapore - but they do not always blog about products relevant to Philippine weather, skin type, average purchasing power and availability of stocks.
  • Project Vanity features a wide range of products and services in the beauty and fashion niche. You'll never get bored with the same product features and reviews! I always have something new and exciting on the site. I love scoping out new finds, from dirt cheap to luxurious.
  • Project Vanity has detailed product photos, reviews, and price information. I am not a huge fan of copy-pasting press releases because I realize that visitors go to blogs to read about real experiences from a real person. Hence, I take clear pictures and give down-to-earth reviews of each product.
  • Project Vanity is a labor of love. I love writing and I love makeup/fashion. 'Nuff said!